The History of the Family Hotel Schloss Rosenegg

From the Middle Ages up to now

The first record of Rosenegg dates back to 1187. Since then the Schloss Rosenegg has had to withstand many threats and has participated in and formed a lively history.

Centuries and generations have passed and left their mark. Famous people have been guests at the hotel such as the Grand Duchesse Margarethe Maultasch or Napoleon. The Rosenberg barons reigned from 155 to 1760 and where in constant contact with Nostradamus, their good friend. Many letters still remain today.

The Baron created the Pillersee Iron and Steel Works which contributed significantly to the development of Fieberbrunn. The ‘German Sword’ and the entire Habsburg lance weapons collection were produced iron the Pillersee Valley. After religious troubles between Catholics and Protestants, the Rosenbergs fled the country. In 1938 the castle was converted into a hotel and has been in the hand of the Eberhardt family for 3 generations.


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